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How to Healthy Weight for Women 5'6 | Healthy Weight for Women in kg

Healthy Weight for Women 5'6 is a hub to learn everything they need to know about how to Healthy Weight for Women in kg by eating well, living healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Weight for Women
Healthy Weight for Women

Healthy Weight for Women

 Today's article is a little bit unique. Because, most information you find online is about how to stay lean from losing weight. But today, I want to talk about the exact opposite and talk about how to Healthy Weight for Women.

"If, you also try how to Healthy Weight for 55 Female"

Hey guys it's Dr. Sam and like, I said today's article is about gaining Healthy Weight for Women in kg. And, I know some of you watching this are probably confused but a-lot of you watching this are happy.

Because, you have reached out to me and asked me how to healthy weight for women 5'6. This has actually been highly requested this might piggyback a little bit off of the article.

"If, you want to know BMI of 32 Female."

That, I talked about bulking this was almost two years ago now. But, I had my trainer at the time and while a Caesar on. And, we were talking about how is bulking and how, I was gaining weight.

"Something else is in Normal body Weight for Female."

So, I think that triggered a lot of interest. Because, some people who have may be a similar body type to me. Where, we're like sometimes skinny soft you know. We don't gain weight easily.

But, when we do sometimes it just goes to the mid-section or you might be thin. But, you're not super toned up and sometimes you just want to gain a little bit of extra weight.

So, I think that it's a concern that's super valid it can go both ways. And that's what this article is about this is especially helpful for vegans. Because, I know that was also one of the issues was how do i gain weight. As, a vegan sometimes people lose too much weight.

So, I've got some great examples here and some that i don't have that I'm also going to list. You know one thing I'll say is that I think looking healthy is so much better than looking overly thin. And, there were a few years of my life where, I was too thin, I didn't realize it.

Because, I wasn't mindfully-eating, So, I was vegan and naturally i love salads, i love fruit, it's just food. That, I grew up eating I'm Persian so that was kind of what I would just naturally gravitate towards.

But, when you're you know because you're not eating all that extra meat. And, which you know can be pretty heavy at protein and fat it's pretty easy to lose weight.

If, you don't add in something else or make sure that you aren't eating sustainable. And making sure you're getting more nutrient-dense food the interesting thing is I've really got this down. And it's genuinely so easy to gain healthy weight for women.

Because, we obviously don't want to do anything that's to hurt our bodies. And, I would never recommend overeating like french-fries are like tons of starchy carbs like bread, rice and pasta.

You want to make sure you're gaining good weight and that it's going into lean muscle. And not making you you know just unhealthy, so here is some great examples, let's just get right into-it.

So, one of the first things, I'll talk about is almond butter. So, we've got a few of these little packets here this brand is art asana upside down artist sana. And ma Ranaut, I've talked about are both my favorite almond butter brands.

Because, they are raw and they are unsalted unroasted just totally raw. So, almond butter or any nut butter for that matter is going to be your best friend.

When, you're trying to gain healthy weight for women, it is so easy to add into everything tastes amazing. And, it's so nutrient dense and high in calorie and fat in a good way. So, you can add it onto like a toasted English muffin or gluten-free toast.

You can throw it into a smoothie it's actually amazing in an acai bowl there's this place. That, I've been going to that blends it in which i really love.

If, you want to have some veggies like celery and almond butter is such a perfect pairing. So, one packet of these actually has what 169 calories and 15 grams of fat. You could literally eat this as a snack just kind of peel it open and eat it.

If, you like the taste of almond butter or you could add it on to something else. So, one thing that i really like to do with almond butter is eat it with pancakes.

So, vegan pancakes are the easiest thing in the world to make they're so yummy. I won't get into that here coz that's not the topic of this article.

But, you can google a million recipes. But instead of using maple syrup which cuts down on sugar which is an empty calorie. We want to use nutrient dense calories just spreading some almond butter onto a pancake is super yummy.

You could even do like a dash of maple syrup and a lot of almond butter. And it is so yummy and it just helps you get that you know extra extra calorie on there.

That, you're looking for so love almond butter love cashew butter walnut butter. There's, so many different ones that you could get but overall i would recommend those over peanut butter. Because they are a little bit healthier for you peanuts do have a high tendency to a girl mold.

So, a lot of times you're actually ingesting mold. When, you eat too much peanuts so for your everyday i would go to that next thing is coconut.

So, always get organic virgin unrefined coconut oil. You want to get everything in its natural state to get the most nutrients out of it. And to keep your body as clean as possible. The cleaner you eat and the cleaner your body is the better.

It's going to work for you it's like, you're making sure the engine is running properly. So coconut oil is also so easy because you can put it in so many places. Where you wouldn't notice it you-can throw it into a batter you can you-know mix it in with something-like.

It's something it just kind of it's so thin in the consistency once it melts. That, you won't really notice it take advantage of this-one though in coffee it actually gives-it a really yummy-flavor.

It will give you a boost of energy in the morning. And, a little beauty-tip every time you take a sip it's like putting on lip gloss which sounds weird. But, I swear it like literally glosses your lips because of the coconut oil.

So, that's kind of cool too the next tip, i want to talk about is avocado which i swear. I bought an avocado and I don't know what i did with it. I think, i might have thrown it out by accident. But avocado can be your best friend in so many ways a few things.

So, there's two ways to have an avocado. And enjoy it you can use it as a base in certain ingredients and recipes. OR you can just eat it on its own. So, if you're trying to watch your weight i always recommend eating avocado on its own. If you like the flavor.

Because, you want to actually enjoy it like in a guacamole or on avocado toast. Whereas if, you blend it into something you don't necessarily taste it. So, I feel like it's a waste of like a lot of extra-fat you-know if you're trying to stay-clean.

I would say, a half an avocado a day would be probably good maybe a whole. But, if you're trying to gain weight you could have two avocados a day like that's great.

It's so good for you so much healthy fat you-can have it as an avocado-toast you can use it. As, a base and salad dressing. If you want to make like a creamy salad dressing without dairy avocado is so easy.

You can literally blend avocado olive oil a little bit of like lemon and lime and salt. And pepper you can blend it with tahini and make kind of like a Caesar ranch dressing. If, you're making like a creamy alfredo sauce obviously begin.

If, you want to do it with like cashews. I think there's a recipe that's just cashew almond milk garlic throw in some avocado in there. You're making a pesto sauce there on it blends so well you can blend it into a smoothie. And it'll give it more of a thickness.

So, instead of using so much banana and a smoothie i would actually use avocado. If, you're trying to gain weight because it will give you more fat. And just more you know protein in general and then another way which sounds interesting is in juice.

So, If you have a juicer at home I would really try juicing and then taking that juice. And blending it with an avocado i got this idea from the juice place Joe. And the juice they have this one i think it's called the Green Mile or something.

But, they do like broccoli spinach like a bunch of greens that they've juice. Then they blend it with an avocado it's like a life changing juice it's so good it sounds gross. Especially, the broccoli part of it.

But, it's actually so good and it's like a juice smoothie hybrid so you could try that too. And that's just a super easy-way to gain healthy weight for women the next thing i want to talk about our seeds. So, we talked about nuts let's get into seeds seeds are so easy.

They're so high in fat in a good way they're gonna make your skin beautiful. They've got a lot of great minerals really-great for you all around as with nut butters or anything else. Make sure you're going raw unroasted unsalted.

It's always kind of my trick, if you have a hard time digesting them you can always soak them. But, I got some pumpkin seeds you know it's fall. I actually love using seeds it's kind of like a complement to any dish.

So, one rule of thumb. If, you're trying to gain weight anytime you eat a salad it should never just be a salad. You want to make sure that you're loading up on seeds avocado maybe a little bit of extra olive-oil. Anything to make it more dense.

I generally don't like eating just a veggie salad if it's my meal unless it's like in-addition to what. I'm actually eating for dinner so on its own, i don't think it's enough these are super easy. There's also some great crackers.

I wanted to share this brand, that i love it's by Ellis flats, i love these crackers. Because, they're genuinely just made from seeds. The ingredients are pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds flax seeds sesame seed psyllium poppy seeds black pepper. And pink Himalayan salt.

So even, if you look at them they're pretty much empty cuz, I've eaten them all. But, you can see they're just like a bunch of little seeds everything you eat.

You've really got to think what is nutrient density of this like how much am i getting-out of it. And when you mindfully snack and eat all of
your meals like this you're gonna gain healthy weight for women trust me. I was able to do it, i actually gained.

I'm average like 115 114 was what i weigh and I went up to 128 just from eating vegan. And over i actually think, i did a little bit the wrong way, I could have gone a little bit healthier but I was still vegan. And I was able to gain healthy weight for women it the next thing is cacao.

I've talked about cacao in my other articles. But just in case you don't-know cacao is where chocolate comes-from now you're probably used to seeing like cocoa. That's a processed form of cacao chocolate in its natural state is actually very bitter and is vegan.

So, the only reason you get milk chocolate is because dairy is added. And, the only reason chocolate tastes sweet is because they add sugar. So, cacao in its natural form is a bit bitter.

But, it's so high in antioxidant more-than blueberries which we know berries are like the highest higher inter accidents. And blueberries and actually pretty high in fat.

So, 1/4 a cup of these is 14 grams of fat 8 grams of carbs. And 4 grams of protein 0 grams of sugar. So, you can get cacao powder you can get cacao nibs, if you blend it in a smoothie.

Let's say, you do almond milk banana cacao the banana is gonna sweeten it, It's gonna taste like chocolate. That's how it works, so i love these because these are a bit crunchy. So, you can add these, if you want a little sometimes you want crunch.

But, you don't even need the taste of anything it's almost like sprinkles they don't taste like anything. They just have a little crunch so instead of using sugary sprinkles you can add some sprinkles of cacao nibs. And it really gives you just so-much nutrient and so-much good fat in like a healthy-way without any sugar.

So, really take advantage of cacao. I like having it in my oatmeal specifically actually have the recipe on my blog you guys can check-out. It's my chocolaty breakfast oats, I call it where, I cook quinoa cacao a little stevia a little almond milk. You're eating like chocolate oatmeal for breakfast basically and there's no artificial sugar.

So, definitely take advantage of cacao the next thing. I want to share kind of goes in line with mindful eating, as I said whatever you're eating. Make sure, it's high in calorie nutrient dense and healthy. So, you want to always go for granola so instead of going for like a Special K. OR like Rice Krispies even though those might seem like they're healthier right now.

The goal is to really get healthy weight add it on. And granola is known for being pretty high in calorie but very nutrient dense. It's kind of why people that go on long hikes carry granola with. And that's kind of where some association of like granola bars and hikes came from.

Because, they're on these long walks and they need energy, so something like this could be great. This is just an example, I actually just found this at Whole Foods.

So, granola is a great one vegan cream cheese. The good thing about a healthy vegan cream cheese is that it's a nut base. This is a local one this one's from New York it's called Monty's and it's cashew based.

I really like kite hill that's an almond base vo Coase is another brand, I like that's cashew base. So, that's a lot going into making just like a little bit of a spread it's a lot of cashew, a lot of almonds.

So, again it's kind of in line with our nuts and seeds it can be pretty heavy. And you know great if you want to have that on you know a gluten free bagel or a gluten free English muffin something like that one amazing sandwich.

You can do is to take like a good like vegan gluten-free bagel. I like to scoop out the middle, So it's not too heavy. But, then you can even add on some vegan cream cheese a little bit of avocado.

There's so many different things you can do to make it like a higher calorie. But healthy food next is protein powder. This is a pretty simple one this is just hemp protein it's super simple unflavored. I like to get really clean unflavored things in general and kind-of add my own sweetener add my own-flavour.

But, protein powders are pretty easy one this could be supplemental like midday. You could have it like a protein shake midday, but it's also really great to just add into food.

So, you could add a little into your meal. You could add a little bit into your pancake mix make little protein pancakes. You know a lot of you will ask me about food combining is it perfect protein powders are a little bit difficult. When, it comes to that i don't actually have the answer.

Because, it depends on what sources are made from but you know when you're eating plant-based. You don't have to worry about it all the time and right now. If, you're really trying to gain weight it's, I think it's completely fine.

So, that's an easy one to add in okay two more examples. That, I don't have here on the table one is tahini. So, I love to he me basically it's made from sesame seeds. So, it's really like a sesame paste it's amazing. As, a base for like a ranch dressing for a creamy sauce it's very healthy.

But also very like nutrient dense and higher in calories. So, definitely try Keeney and the last one is chia seeds, So chia seeds obviously or flax. You know you could sprinkle in different food but one cool thing with chia seed.

Let's say, you're really not hungry and you're trying to gain a little extra weight is to add it into water. So, you could add a little chia seed into water. Let it sit kind of congeals it's actually great for you, It's very cleansing it's high in fiber. But, you could drink this and it would also give you some good extra calories.

So, it's an easy one to add in without necessarily noticing it. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this article that is a lot of great examples of how-to gain healthy weight for women. I guarantee you, if you incorporate a good amount of these into your diet you will gain healthy weight for women.

I will say still try to be mindful of how much food you're mixing together. Because being bloated it can really offset your goals like let's say you're trying to gain weight.

But, you kind of overeat at a meal then you feel really bloated that might discourage you. Where you're like oh my god. I don't feel great, I don't want to eat as much now. And that i know, I've been down that cycle.

So, one way to offset that is to just make sure you're eating like simpler meals. That don't come on everything into one kind of separate these out into certain days um you know give yourself space in between meals.

So, you have some time to digest try to give yourself a few hours before bed before eating too-much. You can digest and you get a better sleep.

So those are some little tips there. I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I really hope that this helps some of you who really want to gain healthy weight for women. I know that a lot of you have this concern.

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