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Full Recovery from Mental Breakdown | Mental Breakdown How to Recover

Full Recovery from Mental Breakdown. Learn about Mental Breakdown How to Recover can change your life and what you can do to reclaim your life.

Recovery from Mental Breakdown
Recovery from Mental Breakdown

Recovery from Mental Breakdown

 It’s easy to think that if you’re not suffering from depression or anxiety, then it must be because of stress or anything else that isn’t in your control. However I will say that I have had two mental breakdowns within the last 20 years and both were caused by emotional abuse or neglect. For the sake of this article (Recovery from Mental Breakdown), I am only going to talk about one of them. The first time, I was a person who just didn’t know how to cope with my feelings.

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After being abused for years by my parents, my father, and my step-father I began to develop symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD). With BPD we start suffering from intense emotional reactions such as anger, irritability and over/under-generalizing that affect our daily lives. During these times it is important to remember that there are no permanent solutions but there are steps you can take to help. If you want to learn more about this read on.

I had developed symptoms because my mind wasn’t coping. This was probably a long term issue that would need to be dealt with by myself rather than in some other help center (for Mental Breakdown How to Recover). My solution was to leave my room and find somewhere quiet to go and chill out. There was always someone who needed my attention so for most of the day I would lay in my bed thinking about what others were doing. When the day came that I wasn’t feeling well I would go upstairs and sit in my room with my headphones on listening to music and see other people sleeping. As soon as they woke up, I would jump into their car and head down to the park. On these drives it was easier to open my eyes because all I could remember was what the noise made me feel.

I also suffered from anxiety disorders due to bullying. One of the symptoms I would suffer from was panic attacks which I had been diagnosed with as a child. At this point, I felt helpless and terrified that anyone would harm me. I would feel helpless because I didn’t understand how to cope. Even though these attacks are sometimes controlled, they still remain scary because they are out of my control. Anxiety was also caused by childhood trauma. Being bullied when I was younger left a deep pain in my stomach and even today on any given day it makes me feel like something might hurt me.

I also experienced anxiety caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in later life to cope with grief of losing my dad. PTSD is known to appear after traumatic events such as natural disasters and being sexually assaulted. A good way to prevent PTSD is to practice mindfulness techniques and try to stay away from toxic relationships such as family members. Another thing I did to prevent PTSD was to stop watching movies like “The Twilight Saga” or “Hercules”. The reason behind this is that they could make you feel bad at any given moment and this could damage your cognitive ability to function. If something that happens and you are unable to recognize it then you will start imagining what it might look like and what would happen next. You don’t need to watch those anymore since it has become a part of history with Hollywood productions.

My Third and Final Mental Health Problem

I had to deal with was paranoia. I knew that I was crazy and in fact I did the same, so why wouldn't I think that others weren’t? During this period it was harder to maintain a healthy relationship between me and my family. I began to experience signs of paranoia and anxiety were taking place after I developed depression in middle age. These emotions made it hard for me to sleep. In addition to this, I started drinking, and drinking itself led to the creation of hallucinations. Notifications came in a dream form when I saw things that didn’t exist. They sounded like people talking or even when I heard voices. Some of the voices I saw were from the future while others were coming from the past.

Although my dreams usually came true the ones that never came true were scary and extremely frightening. Also, I had problems with self esteem and self image because it was very negative for me to see myself as someone who didn’t know how to cope. What started out as an obsession with anxiety and paranoia turned into a complete breakdown as I started noticing all of the symptoms mentioned above.

The Best Course of Action

I took to get over this situation was not to leave my room alone and leave a note on my door asking that someone come in and listen to my questions. It was also important not to give up because this could result in more severe and longer lasting disorders. All I wanted to do then was to take care of my mental health and not let the anxiety destroy me. At the end of it all I was able to look back and realize that I had just lost hope. That I had to change and start looking forward.

This story is not meant to scare people or discourage them from seeking help. People should seek help when they need it. Life doesn’t work out according to plan but even if you aren’t right every once in a while it never hurts to ask yourself and to be honest with yourself. You shouldn’t allow fear or doubt to consume your mind and you shouldn’t ever give up on yourself because you’ve tried everything except the last resort. We’re all human at different points in life but many suffer from mental illnesses and people usually have to overcome their issues without medical assistance (Full Recovery from Mental Breakdown).

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