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Center for Family Medicine Winter Park

 The Center for Family Medicine Winter Park is a personal, caring medical practice providing full-spectrum, personalized care for the entire family.

Center for Family Medicine Winter Park
Center for Family Medicine Winter Park

Center for Family Medicine Winter Park

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We are both a community-based hospital and a tertiary care hospital. We serve the whole state thing that brought me to Maine Med was the fact that it's a big academic institution in a small community feel.

I went into family medicine because I like pretty much everything in medicine. And I think this program gives us a chance to explore all of those interests. It gets you well prepared to go out and be a Family Doctor.

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Anywhere, I was a little worried coming in you know just being my first year of residency. Being a real doctor for the first time you want to call your colleague.

Whether, it's in gi or neurology or pediatrics and ask for their help that environment of just being collegial academic. But not stuffy, it's just a really nice balance that you don't find.

Everywhere one of the big things that is unique to our program is the orientation month. You really get to bond with your other co-interns, I was blown away by the collegial atmosphere at Main Med.

We spend a lot of time, our first year inpatient which can be a little scary to start. We have a really high functioning clinic where you do all of your rotations which you get to see just a little bit of everything with our large refugee population as well as diverse Socio Economic groups.

My patient population is amazing. There's going to be four different languages spoken in the over, the course of four hours. So, I'm going to have live and my virtual interpreters (Center for Family Medicine Winter Park).

Now we're upstairs on the second floor of our clinic where we have sports medicine clinic every day. We're working right alongside you in the office. We see ourselves sort of as friends but also as parents and teachers foremost.

Whether it's a quick off-handed comment at while I'm precepting. Or a more formal conversation about help with career planning. I always feel like the faculty has my back.

I think it's so important that they feel challenged but also feel just really supported the whole way. The beginning of your second year, we have something called Community Integrative Month.

So, we do some visiting of Aveena Botanicals. We go up to the state house and do advocacy work and get to meet with senators very comprehensive outside of the hospital kind of experience.

Hey guys Adam here, we're I'm just coming back from seeing one of our patients who just left AMA for UH Osteomyelitis. And trying to convince him to go back to the hospital.

So kind of all in a day's work here for the outreach team. So the Preble Street learning collaborative is a joint effort between Maine Medical Center and Preble Street. Which is the social services agency in town that cares for people experiencing Homelessness.

They're walk-in appointments where sometimes they just need a place to rest. Sometimes they need you to check out a wound or listen to their breathing.

It's really an opportunity to hear people's stories. Try to understand the world from their perspective to push back your compassion buttons and put that back into place. Portland is such a great city it stole my heart, when I came to visit here.

It's a small city that can feel like a big city. It's the perfect mix in my opinion location. I mean you can't be made in terms of the outdoors just amazing camping and hiking amazing food. The music scene is great the craft breweries are amazing.

So, there's always something to do, it feels like home, it feels like some place you want to be. I am surrounded by people, I'm inspired by every day, it's an amazing Educational Experience.

I've done, I feel like a little bit of everything. And anything that I really want to do, I'm able to ask someone and find out a way to do it. We really want them to be whole people just like we want to be whole people.

I'm learning how many opportunities there are out there in medical education, I've felt supported from day one. And I think that this community will stay very close to my heart for a long time.

It's just a great community of readers who are curious and bright and committed and passionate about what they do coming here to join us is one of the best decisions, You'll ever make in your life.

Center for Family Medicine Winter Park
What does a family medicine doctor do?

What does a family medicine doctor do?

I am a doctor here at the bar, I am Family Medicine Specialist. I want to talk about Family Medicine itself. Most of my patients ask us is a Mamily Medicine.

What is a Family Specialist?

Basically, Family Medicine or a Family Physician provide a comprehensive care for patients and their families within the community.

We focus on its Reputation Management and Chronic Disease. And of course a coordination of care family medicine was created in 1969.

So, we are basically not dependent on fitting diagnostic of the illness. We are deal also with the presentation on including like protein checkup health risk assessment immunization screening tests. And personalized counseling on maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle.

So, the scope of family medicine its dependencies trying to provide healthcare for all ages, all sex. And the different Organ system and every Disease Intent.

And so, it is not only dealing with the acute disease. Is dealing with a Chronic Disease including Hypertension Diabetes Screening for cancer treating cancer. And also a small solitary diseases and everything we are dealing with all ages from the infantile elderly people and geriatrics.

So mainly mainly the self and simply puts our the Primary Health Care or the Family Medicine is first born of health care system. So, we are looking for the patient itself as a core package.

And we tried to put our connection to him and our connection to his family to his community. And everything to enhance his health also it's alleged at the Family Healthcare.

Family with distance putting the attention on the patient-doctor relationship by shifting the focus from Family Physician. And from the Physician Centered care to the patient center.

The thing that, I love about my Family Medicine and being a Family Specialist Scientific Issue and Medical Decision Making. But also my relationship with my Patients and their Family.

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