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Family Healthcare Northside

Family Healthcare Northside offers a wide range of medical services and treatments. We're here to help you improve your health and live better in this palteform Family Healthcare Northside.

Family Healthcare Northside
Family Healthcare Northside

Family Healthcare Northside

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When you have an injury or a stroke regaining independence is your next step the inpatient rehabilitation facility at Family Healthcare Northside. Makes it possible for people to regain function and resume a normal life as quickly as possible.

Our interdisciplinary team works with patients and their families to set goals and chart a course to recovery. We provide care for patients who come from a variety of situations.

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People had strokes cardiac issues fractures, hip fractures, and major surgery. Anything that really sort of knocks. You down the notch or two. And our goal here is to get you strong and get you back to your independent level.

Whatever, it was before that we assess each patient individually. We work with you. We have medical consultants that work with us here. And we're able to continue the follow-up of whatever your acute medical issue was that led to your current situation.

So, from that point of view this hospital facility has ability to provide inpatient medical care. As you work through this rehab process one of the things that I'm really proud of about our rehab program.

And Family Healthcare Northside is the outcomes that our patients achieve. While they're here typically they come in very low functioning.

And when they leave at a high level of functional independence. And that's achieved basically through an individualized plan of care for each patient with the patient being the center of that per any care all 29 of our patient rooms at Northside are private which allows patients privacy.

As, they're recovering from their therapy sessions throughout the day and allows them to get adequate rest. They also have their own bathroom with a shower and there's room for a family member to stay with the patient on a sleeper chair.

So, that they can have companionship while they recover during this tough time. The families are imperative to the rehab process for most of our patients. And we actually encourage families to be is involved in the rehab process.

As they can be, we assess each patient individually their particular needs. And wants and ultimately with the goal to try to achieve functional independence which for all of us is something we look forward to.

We have three separate gyms that patients go to to receive their therapy. Either with PT or ot and those gyms have different types of equipment. One of our gyms is actually equipped with a kitchen and a washer and dryer.

So, patients can learn food preparation. If they need that and they can learn to do their laundry from a different level say from a wheelchair or with assistive devices.

We have parallel bars and we have stairs. So, people can learn and we learn to negotiate stairs because they'll need those when they go home or back out into the community.

All patients are required to get three hours of therapy five out of seven days of the week. That therapy might be majority in the morning there might be more in the afternoon.

We really individualize it based on the patient's need and what they're able to do typically you'll get about two hours in the morning. But that may vary depending on what you can tolerate. when you initially say you're going to do three hours a day.

We'd get a few raised eyebrows because we accept patients for it usually from acute care. These people are still getting over congestive heart failure. They're getting over having a stroke and we really have to watch them very carefully and our staff is very skilled to sort of know.

You know how to prod people law. But also know when it's appropriate to sort of pull back a little bit. And I always tell patients that a lot of what we work on is getting you back to doing the things. That you and I all take for granted you used to getting up by yourself enjoying your meals going to the bathroom independently and little things in life that sometimes now are sort of a challenge.

So, our goal is to try to get you back to that level and we work with you and your medical doctor. Our doctors here or coordinates the follow-up of your care with every.

Who your treating doctors are before your stay and ultimately back with your primary care physician. When you're done by selecting the inpatient rehab facility at Family Healthcare Northside.

Patients are choosing a facility that discharges patients at a higher functional independence level than the national average at Family Healthcare Northside patients received simply better care.

Family Health Dentistry
Family Health Dentistry

Family Healthcare Northside for Dentistry

In the past in a mini dental offices still today. The use of metal amalgams to fill cavities was actually quite commonplace. In fact, it was the only way we could fill cavities and stop decay thankfully today

We use a safe in natural looking tooth colored resin that blends in with your natural teeth for seamless smile today. There is little debate that mercury is toxic to the human body.

Even the small amount found in metal fillings there have been countless cases of chronic health problems. And toxicity caused by mercury fillings not only are the metal fillings potentially dangerous to your health.

But, they're also unstable they tend to expand and contract with changes in the temperature. This can cause the tooth to crack which lets bacteria enter the tooth and cause further decay thankfully.

Dentistry has come a long way in recent years. This is an exciting time to be in the industry. We've moved away from the use of metal for fillings and other restorations like inlays onlays and crowns.

We have a much safer more durable and natural-looking alternative tooth colored resin is completely harmless to human body and is more stable than the metal fillings it handles temperature changes and regular wear and tear much much better.

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