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Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care

 Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care provides access to quality healthcare when you need it most. We treat a wide range of illnesses.

Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care
Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care

Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care

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Urgent care services are available across the Siouxland and are so important for families many parents work during the day and need to know that when they get off work.

If they themselves don't feel good or if their children are sick that urgent care is available for fevers headaches sore throats.

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During Influenza season to bring your child in or yourself to be tested for influenza minor sprains and strains of different extremities or something else.

That we treat on a regular basis, the big important thing is to know, when not to use urgent care, when to use an emergency room anything that is life-threatening.

If you're having chest pain significant shortness of breath symptoms, that you think could be stroke-related. Those are things not to hesitate with and call 911 and get into an emergency room not to wait and come to urgent care not to wait and see your doctor.

All the staff at urgent care whether, it be any of the three urgent cares with family health care are all very professional. They're here to want to take care of your needs to help you get through your minor emergency. That you're having to treat you and get you back up on your feet hopefully minimizing missed work hours, miss daycare hours and they're here to want to serve your needs.

The Importance of Primary Care in Addition to Urgent Care

We try to encourage everybody to get back and see their primary care doctor. Because if they're only using urgent care for what they think is their immediate needs. They could be missing out on Mammograms Pap tests screening exams lab work.

So, we try to get everybody back to see their primary care doctor patients leave here with specific instructions and phone numbers of memorial physicians. If they need that follow-up care for safe high-quality urgent care start here.

Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care
Urgent Care vs. Emergency Rooms

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Rooms - What's the Difference?

Oftentimes people rush to the emergency room, when it may actually benefit them to consider seeking urgent care instead.

Let's consider these facts 129.8 million Americans visit the emergency room every year of these visits 13.3 percent of ER visits result in a hospital admission up to 27 of all emergency room visits could take place at an urgent care center.

Only 29 of primary care doctors have after hours coverage 75 of urgent care centers are located right in the suburbs in total there are about 9,000 urgent care centers nationwide.

When you go to the emergency room you can end up spending 200 minutes or more waiting in a crowded sweaty German-Fested waiting room at urgent care.

The wait time averages at a much more manageable 15 minutes. That's not it either an emergency room can cost upwards of 1200. And that's an incredibly conservative estimate while urgent care will typically run about 200 bucks.

Also you can always call an urgent care center ahead of time to determine. If they accept your insurance, if you're already in the emergency room. It's too late you'll just have to hope they accept whatever you've got at express urgent care.

We work with HMO PPO Coventry Multi-Plan. First health Medicare Aetna Humana blue cross blue shield Cigna and united health care visit us today at (exergentcare) site. For more information on how we can help you avoid the emergency room at all costs.

Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care
Urgent Care vs ER vs Primary Physician

Urgent Care vs ER vs Primary Physician

The Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care Dr. Jerusalem bar says that, It's time for healthy living.

You know urgent care clinics are out there. But do you know when you should go to the emergency room. And when you could just go to an urgent care clinic.

Instead or when it may be more beneficial to visit an urgent care clinic instead of your primary care physician. It depends on your symptoms and you may be surprised to know that your treatment time. And how much your doctor's visit cost you are all affected by the facility.

You choose chest pain severe shortness of breath, stroke symptoms severe bleeding trauma, head loss of consciousness. And head injury Tracy Redmond a nurse practitioner with Baptist Medical Group says those are all symptoms that would warrant a trip to the emergency room.

But, if you have minor symptoms. You would go see your primary care doctor or go to an urgent care clinic sore throats coughs colds ear infections urinary tract infections sprains any lacerations.

That might require stitches or glue mild asthma anything along those lines. If you can't get an appointment with your primary care physician right away.

That's when you may want to go to an urgent care clinic. No appointments are needed you can walk in it's definitely more efficient. Than utilizing the emergency room for things like that we can get patients in and out in just under two hours.

Whereas, an average emergency room visit is going to run. As you said depending on what the condition is anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. And if it's something that you're coming in for that doesn't really need to be in the emergency room.

You're going to get bumped down Redmond also says using an urgent care facility could save you money. If, you have a primary care physician. And you can get in to see that physician for your health care needs.

That is going to be the most cost effective but second best would be the urgent care. Because, the fees are lower your copay is going to be lower versus.

An Emergency Room those are just a few things. That folks at Baptist Medical Group thought you should know before you make a trip to the emergency room or to your doctor's office. You might be better off visiting your closest urgent care.

Family Healthcare of Siouxland Urgent Care
Family Health Care of Siouxland

Family Health Care of Siouxland

It doesn't take much to remind you how special your family is a peek at the family photo album watching your child learn something new at family health care of Siouxland.

We know how important your family is to you which is why family medicine is so important to us. And why we have multiple locations close to where you live. And work a wide range of services are offered here saving you trips elsewhere. Because your family is important make family healthcare of siouxland urgent care your first choice.

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