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Health Pavilion North Family Care

Health Pavilion North Family Care, a full-service medical practice, offers medical care for all stages of life. With a focus on preventive health and healthy living, we offer the most complete diagnostic testing in the area.

Health Pavilion North Family Care
Health Pavilion North Family Care

Health Pavilion North Family Care

Once again you are welcome to Ahmi Health Care. The subject for session is Health Pavilion North Family Care.

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The Health Pavilion North Family Care provides services throughout the phases of life. We start from the newborn phase all the way until our patients get a little bit more seasoned within that.

We not only provide newborn care but we also provide immunizations as children get older. As we start thinking about doing sports physicals and School physicals as well as.

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When they get ready to go off to college and some of those who are joining the military. We also provide services for patients and throughout the adult years so for thinking about patients who have diabetes or hypertension any asthma or COPD.

We also treat those patients but if I should needs to be seeing at health pavilion north family care. Now offers OBGYN services for patients who are pregnant and also as a patient goes through the phases of pregnancy and in the postnatal period.

We also offer and have always offered pediatric services from newborn. All the way to the age of 18 the House of Health Care family medicine residency program began in 2012 with the goal of training proficient family medicine physicians for the middle Georgia region.

The residency program has also been a benefit to the community. We are working at the Houston volunteer clinic well as well as. The Vine Street clinic providing medical services for those patients who lack access to care a medical home is a place where a patient can come and have their medical needs taken care of and what I mean by their medical needs.

If they need to have something as simple as a physical exam done. We provide those as well as if there are other special services that are needed the primary care home is where the patient comes in order to receive the referrals.

That they may need and we also take care of other needs as far as. Being a primary medical home such as patients come for work physicals. Sometimes they come for school physicals sometimes patients need particular paperwork done.

Whether, they have been out of working for a period of time and they need Family Medical Leave Act paperwork done. We do provide those services as well.

That we work with they really make the physicians jobs flow a lot smoother they schedule the patients they also help us care for the patients.

I feel Houston Healthcare is investing in the community. One through the residency program by investing in young physicians that are earlier on in their career and giving them an opportunity to train in in a community hospital which is very important especially in family medicine.

I also feel like Houston health care is rich and benefiting the community through our program and making sure that all patients no matter who you are can have a medical home or some place where you can see a physician and have your health care needs addressed you.

New Children's Pavilion
New Children's Pavilion

New Children's Pavilion - Caring for the Whole Family

You will find that, this is a fun place, there's a terrace and it has a lot of fun stuff on it. So there are a lot of places to just hang out and enjoy yourself. Whether, you're paired a child who's sick or simply never child research.

That's a really fun aspect of this place, I'm a pediatrician. So, it's wonderful for me to be here in part of building out our services for children and their families.

So, I know what it means to have a place available to people when they need it well. The children's pavilion in and of itself just this building.

I think is a huge statement about our commitment to the well-being of children. The services provided here really are unparalleled. They really are fabulous patient-oriented and family-oriented services.

This is a very strong statement that takes this concrete presence.

big lots behavioral health pavilion
Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion

Officially Open for Patients: The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion

Children and adolescents across the country are facing a behavioral health crisis. More than ever before about 50% of youth who have a mental health or behavioral condition do not get any treatment.

Whatsoever and suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people ages 10 to 19. The rate has increased 86% in the past decade.

So, this has really become a public health crisis for our kids. We have a responsibility to the community to meet the needs of this growing behavioral health population.

The Big Lots behavior health pavilion is really going to serve as a hub for our acute care services for kids. That are in crisis every detail including the building's placement well-planned it is not tucked away.

We put this building front and center and the reason is that we wanted to break stigmas the pavilion offers in and outpatient services including a unique youth crisis stabilization unit.

We work with our behavioral health clinicians up to four times a day with assessments and therapy sessions. The unit during its pilot program playing a pivotal role in Julia Paxton's care your eye was completely broken you know I could barely see the point in staying alive.

I felt, so ashamed of myself and these people they just treated me like a person. I just remember feeling so taken care of and so comfortable. The building will also house researchers and help clinicians study best practices a family across.

The country will care about what we're doing here. Because the research that can be used in other regions. The building symbolizing a beacon of hope this transformational effort is going to be the display and the focal point for a national discussion around behavioral health.

We've received calls from as far away as. Alaska of people wanting to come and see this facility because they understand the impact. It will have at Nationwide Children's Hospital. I'm Nikki Chave reporting.

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