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John Hopkins Family Physicians

 John Hopkins Family Physicians is a group of well-trained, experienced & Board Certified physicians who take care of patients from birth to adulthood.

John Hopkins Family Physicians
John Hopkins Family Physicians

John Hopkins Family Physicians

Once again you are welcome to Ahmi Health Care. The subject for session is John Hopkins Family Physicians.

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A patient-centered medical home, or PCMH, is a recent advance in primary care medicine that tries to make the medical office more nurturing, like a home.

We will monitor what care is needed so that we pay attention to patients not only when they're in the office, but also between visits.

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We do have additional supports with case managers at the office, for those patients that are sicker and need that support, and because they're based at the office, they can interact closely with your doctor to make sure everybody is, working in the same direction.

>> And part of that is becoming partners with our patients.

We really wanna make sure, we want to give you all the tools that we can so that you can care for yourself at home. And example of that might be a log for you that you could, track your blood pressures on. And, you know, being a partner in the care, we want you to bring that log back when you come and see your physician.

>> We use the latest technologies to help us do all this. And also it's important that we make access to care as easy as possible for patients and as convenient as possible.

So, we have extended hours, we use, web access through something called MyChart (John Hopkins Family Physicians) that allows patients to interact with us by whatever means is most convenient for them, telephone call, web access, coming in person.

>> Everybody qualifies for a patient center medical home. You don't have, it doesn't cost anything extra, you don't have to enroll, you don't have to do anything extra.

Everybody that's already been a patient, is, is automatically enrolled in the patient center medical home.

>> If we take better care of patients, and they're healthier, though the total cost of care is less while at the same time, improved.

John Hopkins Family Physicians
Johns Hopkins Physicians Stand With You

Johns Hopkins Physicians Stand With You

  • Dr. Jason says that, what happened to George Floyd could have happened to me
  • Dr. Tanisha Wilson says that, what happened to Sandra bland could have happened to me
  • Dr. Lawrence Brown  says that, what happened to Eric Garner could have happened to me
  • Dr. Marcus Mitchell says that, what happened to Amara Arburian could happen
  • Dr. Daniel Walker says that, what happened to Tamir Rice could have happened to me
  • Dr. Kyle Burton says that what, happened to Freddie gray could have happened to me

Emmanuel McNeely says that, what happened to Trayvon Martin could have happened to me at Hopkins were angered by the repeated abuse and killing of black Americans by those who have taken an oath to protect and serve as physicians.

We've also taken an oath first do no heart this oath extends beyond the clinic, beyond the hospital wards, and beyond the operating room. We have been called to Denounce Injustice. Wherever, it may be found at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

We stand with the black community to decry senseless acts of violence and racial inequality. This is not only a social issue, it's a public health issue that needs to be addressed far too many black lives have suffered and have been lost this needs to be stopped.

As black doctors, we understand and share the burden these losses have on our community impacting our emotional physical and mental well-being because we are not in know that we hear you and we share your pain.

We care because black lives matter, black lives are worthy, black lives are needed. And we are standing with you to advocate for change for a brighter and more just future for us all you.

John Hopkins Family Physicians
2016 Physician of the Year - Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

2016 Physician of the Year – Harry Bigham, Jr., M.D., Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

I'd have to say that the development and expansion of this group is actually what I'm most proud of. I've probably got now more than 17 years invested in the expansion of the group before Hopkins.

And then since Hopkins have actually integrated several practices with us, incorporating all kinds of different Subspecialties in Cardiology.

And what we have now, the increase to access in Montgomery County, to quality care, the integration with Hopkins, I'd say it's been challenging but it's been very satisfying to put that all together.

I mean, obviously, I think that medicine is a very Gratifying Job, and I think most people have a sense of accomplishment doing it.

But if you're really gonna enjoy medicine, the practice of medicine today, and really have joy in what you do. There's probably four things that I'd like to tell people to pay attention to.

And I think number one is you have to take care of your Family First. Then I would say that you have to take care of your patients as best you can and stay up to date on the medicine which we all enjoy, and that's usually not a challenge.

You have to take care of yourself. I think a lot of people forget themselves in the midst of working so hard. And I think you have to take care of your Mental and Physical Health, and that just makes you and allows you be a better doctor.

Then finally I think, today with all the changes that are happening, you have to stay involved and informed in what's going on. And that means that in the Healthcare System, in the hospitals you're involved in. You have to be much more involved in that today.

And I think if you do those four things, if you pay attention to those four things, you're gonna really enjoy your job. Which I think, those of us who love this job realize you need all of those to make you a Good Doctor.

John Hopkins Family Physicians
2016 Physician of the Year ohns Hopkins Community Physicians

How Johns Hopkins Decides Who to Reject in 30 Seconds

If you have any of these traits...

You'll be rejected

  • You have a weighted GPA Billa 4.6
  • Your SAT score below 1500
  • Your math 2 scores below 780
  • Your bouts goes below 760
  • You took less than 10 AP classes
  • You're majoring in neuroscience
  • You're majoring in biology
  • You're majoring in any kind of engineering
  • You're pre-med
  • You're Asian
  • you're Caucasian
  • You're Mexican
  • You're Africasian
  • You're Indiansian
  • You're legacy
  • But they don't care
  • Daddy tried to donate a science building
  • They didn't accept it
  • Your first name isn't John's
  • Your last name isn't Hopkins
  • You're not the captain of the science team
  • You're not the person of the building a fan club
  • You don't know ever yell I mean the periodic table
  • You didn't discover one of the elements on the periodic table
  • You weren't publishing a famous science journal
  • You didn't win the science Olympia
  • You didn't take organic chemistry in 7th grade

And lastly you never worked at Papa John's Pizza.

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