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Preferred Family Healthcare Chippewa

 Preferred Family Healthcare Chippewa offers high quality, personalized health care for the whole family & full range services to your healthcare needs.

Preferred Family Healthcare Chippewa
Preferred Family Healthcare Chippewa

Preferred Family Healthcare Chippewa

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I work for a virtual program with Preferred Family Healthcare and it provides services that in a 3D Environment and it gives them the flexibility of having convenience.

It addresses transportation difficulties to inmate from mainstream outpatient treatment and it gives them the opportunity to access resources for the recovery process any time that they choose it's online virtual world counseling.

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So, you can do individual sessions as well as group sessions at your accessibility. So any time that you're available to do sessions, it's kind of at your Fingertips. Our premise has not ever been that Virtual Treatment would be better than the Traditional Treatments.

It has always been to be able to provide treatment to those people that have barriers to getting traditional treatment. There's many clients that are unable to access traditional treatment.

Especially, if they live in rural areas, maybe they live 40 or 60 miles away from the nearest treatment facility. Maybe, they've lost their license because of a DWI charge or maybe they don't have a vehicle or can't afford a vehicle can't afford gas money.

So, we have found a way using the virtual world to access those clients using computer technology to enter into a virtual world from their home through computer through the internet as from our office.

We are entering that same virtual environment through our computers, through the internet and then we can meet in that virtual space. This kind of gave people an opportunity to access treatments based on their needs.

And so they could come and if they needed to do session every day. Then they could do a session every day instead of just one time a week for a couple hours a week it's really cool.

Because I get to wake up in the morning, I get to get my cup of coffee in my own house and I get to go sit at my computer and I get to talk about my rehabilitation with a real person over lines and it's really easy.

Because it works on my schedule, it allows me to have treatment you know when I can't get around or you know I'm busy it allows me to access a counselor you know and it's as easy as logging on choosing an avatar and going people are more open.

They admit quicker, when they've used which is something that's very hard to do. When you're sitting face to face with a another human being. You know your counselor just kind of the magic of that environments and invites them to be more open and honest and not be afraid when they're sitting in front of somebody else.

I think the group components for the virtual world are very unique in the setting. That we can create whatever environment that we prefer instead of going into a group session where I'm sitting on chairs.

And I'm talking to people, I get to go online and go across the world. I get to be and this big meadow field where there's overlooking an ocean as time goes on. And as clients continue to engage in this world, it becomes more and more Realistic.

So the more somebody is immersed in this environment the more the technology starts to kind of disappear. The results of our Virtual Programming or our Portal Programs has been by and large as good or better than than Traditional Treatment.

When we compare the two in the Virtual Programs, we have been able to maintain people in treatment longer. We have been able to assist them to increase their recovery activities through preferred family healthcare Chippewa.

So that they're engaging more in recovery activities, I hope the future brings for me and my recovery. You know that I stay sober, I can live my life like normal person without having like me out the crutch or the Extra Weight.

I guess to carry around the virtual world is excellent for that. Because anytime, I need support or things of that nature, I just hop on talk to my counselor you know.

And it helps with whatever problem I may have. I think that young people in my age group really enjoy the virtual world program. It's kind of like a game actually, I really enjoyed it. It was exciting for me, when I started because like I changed my Avatar every single day.

Just because it was something to do it, I think it's just taking the next step into Technology and Treatment and Integrating that into an effective way for young kids to approach treatment.

This is a technology based general duration and therefore they're Encountering Technology on a daily basis. Whether, it be social media courses online school work projects. So this addresses their treatment environment in a context that they are very familiar with.

Preferred Family Healthcare Chippewa
Preferred Family Healthcare- 2015 Awards of Excellence

Preferred Family Healthcare- 2015 Awards of Excellence

Transportation physical disabilities childcare or work responsibilities are just a few barriers that can stand in the way of treatment Preferred Family health Care changed all that with its Virtual Portal.

Their team can now meet its patients, wherever they are as long as they have access to a computer. Join me in welcoming Mike Schwind a preferred family health care to accept the impact award for excellence. And addictions treatment innovation in real life Great Job.

Good evening, I'm pleased to accept this award on behalf of Preferred Family Health Care. And are insightful and forward-thinking staff.

They've nurtured and developed this project over the past several years. And continue to create new solutions to the challenges inherent to delivering quality behavioral health care to everyone who needs it.

We've not created a new Therapeutic Practice. But we've certainly found extremely creative ways to bring evidence-based practices to the communities. That we serve in Missouri Kansas and Illinois.

I've been privileged to work most of my career at Preferred Family Health Care. And have been at the helm of the agency for the past 30 years.

I'm continually amazed delighted and rewarded by the intelligence ingenuity and entrepreneurship of our staff for many years. I've been known to say, I've always wanted to hire people smarter than me. And I've done that with Kathy Hoppy Jim Wallace and Hutton Paulo Bronner. And working with a good friend named Dick Dillon the future of our field is challenging to predict.

But, I uncomfortable in predicting that the people and the organizations who will keep our work important. And consequential are those who are able to develop smart ideas and methods and who are unafraid to pursue them.

And those partners, that we have some of the partners, the National Council, the Missouri Coalition for community behavioral healthcare and my great friends in Illinois. I ought thank you so much, I appreciate this.

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