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Suburban South Family Physicians
Suburban South Family Physicians

Suburban South Family Physicians

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The Suburban South Family Physicians Dr. Rogen Maharaja says that, I have been in the medical field for over five decades and I have seen tremendous progress in Medical Science.

We now have robotic surgery. We have organ transplants for most of the organs that fail and many cancers are treatable. However one change that has happened which I would prefer had not changed is that we have moved from a family physician to specialist care.
I have always felt that the family position is the best first contact for any family with a medical illness and after a thorough evaluation by the family physician.
They should guide you to the concerned specialist directly going to the specialist is never a good option. And that is something that. We need to create awareness about a patient has to be seen holistically.
Their family situation assessed and specialists need to be called in only. When there is a need for a specialist to take care of the given patient. So, I do exhort the society and the medical fraternity to go back to the good old days of family practice.
The Family Physician is still your best bet for early care. And also to send you in the right direction. Family physician as the name suggests is someone who's much more than a simple doctor an individual who's treated generations of families.
So, your family physicians who treat grandfather, father, son who know everything about the family. The past history, the past medical history, the personal history, their personal habits, things that can have a direct impact on health.
All of us have seen that over the last couple of decades the number of family physicians has reduced drastically. The family doctor concept has slowly. But steadily declined over the last couple of decades and i think that's a big problem.
As far as delivering health care is concerned. Family doctors are for are actually there to have that important connect between the specialized care as well as. The family many times as a child I remember my family doctor being pretty much a part of my family.
All major health decisions were taken in conjunction with them. And there was a lot of trust or a period of last two to three decades. We have seen that get kind of a trust has slowly diminished to the point.
That we are now bypassing the family doctor completely and going to seek specialized care. That puts unnecessary strain on the specializations to actually cater to patients. Which could have been easily taken care by the primary care and the primary care being given by the family doctor also.
Because, the family doctor had such a good connect with the family. They were able to communicate much better through the family doctor to the families.
And they were under able to understand what was going on with their patient. Because the family doctor knew the dynamics within the family.
The family doctor knew how to communicate and who to communicate who was a team leader was the main important person in that particular family and that made the communication very easy.
Most Importantly remember that in our country it is still the primary seeker. The primary health care provider which is our family doctor is the one who would still play a larger role on our day-to-day health issues and it is imperative that we keep on the culture of family doctor going on.
So that, we can have a better and standardized health care. Moving forward is the role of family physicians diminishing and what is the significance of family physician this is a very relevant question Now-a-Days.
Because, according to me family physicians play a very very important role in the delivery of health care. He is the first point of contact for a patient and usually would know the patient and the family background and the health background in detail.
Because, he's been following up the patient for a very long time. Yes, I think the role of family doctors is diminishing Now-a-Days. Because many people directly prefer to go to a specialist directly visit a hospital.
But in my mind, I think that is not entirely the right approach. Because many a times specialist look at their particular field and from the look at the patient from a particular field point of view.
But, a family physician may be able to assimilate all that information, all the clinical data and all the treatment modalities.
So, I think the role is very important. And also there is one to one personal  connect between the family doctor and the patient. So, this is very very important.
I would like to stress upon one pertinent thing that. And a worry something that the gradual extension of the family physician in our neighborhood in our practice.
Let me tell you my friends after the repeated pandemic attacks by the Covent disease. We have realized that it is so important to have a family physician a local guardian you can say a local medical garden in every community and neighborhood which becomes the first point of contact for the early pickup of all the communicable and non-communicable diseases.
And also, they become the great source of reference for all the specialists physicians and the surgeons. So my take home message for this day is that we must not let the MBBS fellow colleagues, the general practitioners and the family physician get extinct.
So, all these things are better avoided. If, they have a trustworthy doctor. And, if the doctor says that no i know that hospital is good. The doctor is good you should visit them. So, I think that this the trust deficit that I developed over the years this might work.


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