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Virtua Family Medicine Sewell

 Virtua Family Medicine Sewell is a family-oriented practice that provides the best care to all of your family's needs. From newborns to seniors.

Virtua Family Medicine Sewell
Virtua Family Medicine Sewell

Virtua Family Medicine Sewell

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Hi my name is Mark Childress and I'm the program director for the Fairfax Family Medicine Residency Program. We're excited to have you join us today. And I'd like to talk a little bit more about what makes us Unique and Hopefully.

An ideal place for you to live and train over the next three years our relationship with world-class hospitals means that you're going to have access to fantastic specialists remarkable cases and exposure.

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That you're really not going to find in most places in addition. You're also going to train in a clinic that still functions with a great deal of Clinical and Financial Independence.

This means that you're going to see firsthand what it's like to be part of a large and active practice not afraid of insurance or billing and coding and effectively working in a living laboratory of collaboration with nursing and medical staff that are part of your everyday life.

So, I'm Natalie, I am an Intern, I'm in my third month here. So, a couple of things stood out to me one was that I'm interested in global health and the fact that the patient population here is really diverse.

And there are people from lots of different immigrant communities here was really stood out to me and the fact that everyone here that I've met has just been really kind and welcoming and really genuinely excited and happy to be here.

I could really see myself working with these people for the next three years and really enjoying it. And I have so far it's fairly easy for us to ensure that you're going to have an excellent Clinical Foundation.

Our program is based on a Longitudinal Curriculum and for the past 30 years. We've been able to demonstrate what continuity and team work look like in practice.

We don't have a separate resident only clinic the nursing and support staff are the same for our resident colleagues. As they are for the faculty you will even have a real desk in a real office right beside preceptors and mentors.

While there are experiences that we have to ensure for all residents. We're also really proud of the number of ways you can tailor your time to your specific interests. We currently have seven different tracks each structured with unique opportunities and skill sets.

Hi I'm Chris, I'm one of the third year residents at Fairfax Family Practice. Yeah one of the things that you know drew me over to this (Virtua Family Medicine Sewell) program was definitely the flexibility.

That we could have in terms of kind of tailoring our practice and kind of learning the things. That we would feel, we would want to learn to practice independently.

Once, we graduated, there's a lot of different tracks that our program at least to choose from which includes. You know sports medicine OBE geriatrics global and community health ultrasound research health policy business and practice management.

The track system at a Fairfax Family Practice, it's very interesting UM. It's definitely something that is really there to help you figure out. What it is that interests you and really there to help guide.

What kind of exposures you want to have during your residency program, during residency training UM there. And there's a whole bunch to choose from and it is not anything that exactly kind of solidifies you into one thing.

When you kind of decide, I want to do this tracker, I want to do this other track. You can kind of pick and choose. Whatever, your interests and our program is really good at being flexible and definitely at kind of pointing in the directions where you might need to go for instance.

You know, I was not part of the global health track but a globe an opportunity opened up. And I was able to take part in the the annual Honduras Trip and I have to say it was probably one of the most fulfilling things.

I've done during my residency training, it is our goal that when you finish training in three years. You're not afraid of anything in practice, we have a pretty good track record.

Thus far with alumni working clinically in rural and urban setting others pursuing academic research and policy interests. And if we include our sports medicine fellowship we even have a graduate who spent some time in space. Hopefully, we will be able to demonstrate to you today the biggest part of our success is the right people.

Hey my name is Kevin Edinburgh, I'm one of the second year residents here at FFP. And I just wanted to talk to you guys about why I picked Fairfax Family as my residency program. The biggest thing is the culture the minute you walk into one of our clinics.

It becomes very apparent, how much everyone likes each other. How great the work environment is how Friendly and Inviting. All of our staff are including our faculty in terms of teaching us, in terms of interacting with the patients and just helping out

There's just this inviting environment for everyone to learn from each other and help each other out. Whenever it's needed 2020 has been an interesting and challenging year for everyone. This interview process will be somewhat interesting and challenging.

Hopefully, we can share with you a little bit about what makes us different and just like any other year. We can learn more about you and your interests.

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