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Mental Health Charities Near Me

 Find Mental Health Charities Near Me and learn about the different mental health problems they are trying to help people with.

Mental Health Charities Near Me
Mental Health Charities Near Me

Mental Health Charities Near Me

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Hello I'm poor farmer Chief Executive of Mind the Mental Health Charity. We're here to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn to for advice and support.

We can also help you to increase the productivity of your business and save money by looking after the mental health of your teams each year.

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 We help over a quarter of a million people, when they're stressed depressed or having a breakdown. And we help people to turn their lives around by providing talking therapies employment and training schemes and advice on housing and money.

Our help lines support thousands more people. When they desperately need information or legal advice from someone they can trust. And we've played a major part in reducing the prejudice that people have to deal with our network of 160 local mines and 120

Means we're right on your doorstep across England and Wales and north of the border. We partner with Sam H the Scottish Association for Mental Health giving us coverage run it across Britain.

So, how can we work together well in plenty of ways, there are fantastic fundraising and volunteering opportunities. There are sponsorship potential that will raise your brand exposure and finally our unique offering as a charity partner.

We can help you look after the mental health of your teams. Firstly, then we can help motivate your staff to feel part of a team United behind a cause. They will care about in any one year one in four people will experience a mental health problem.

So, the chances are that your staff will know exactly. Just how scary and lonely that can be either through their own personal experience or through a friend a member of their family or a work colleague.

So, whether it's running a marathon or cycling to Paris or organizing a cake sale. Your staff can help more people get the right advice and support when they desperately need it.

We're currently charity of the year for Veolia Environmental Services. The UK's leading recycling and waste management company last year Veolia staff up and down the country took part in our fantastic range of Fundraising Events.

And Hundreds more volunteers at our local mines our shops and eco Minds outdoor projects and found the experience incredibly rewarding.

In fact our partnership helped to double the number of Veolia staff that had previously volunteered with our sponsorship or pro bono opportunities. We'll make sure your staff and customers know about your support for mind since 2010.

We've campaigned for better mental health in the workplace. Last year AXA sponsored our summit for government and business leaders to discuss this important issue.

And Digital Agency weapon seven helped us to create a social media campaign which won an industry award in sponsors of our annual mind Media Awards gain brand exposure to an audience of over 8 million.

While sponsors of our London Marathon vests are seen by millions worldwide. Now I want to explain, how we really go beyond the usual remit of a charity partner as you may know managing mental health.

Our work is a huge challenge that costs UK business 26 billion pounds. Every year mind provides expert training and consultancy last year alone. We delivered mental health awareness training to over a hundred companies.

We can show you how to support your employees and mental health and this can increase productivity. And bring great savings lots of great companies have chosen us as their trusted partner.

Our partnerships team has the expertise and creativity to build a partnership that meets your aims for your corporate responsibility agenda and for your wider business.

We believe, we're at a tipping point right now more and more people including plenty of famous names. Such as mines President Stephen Fry are openly talking about mental health.

Mind can offer incredible experiences that will motivate your staff manage their mental health and deliver increased productivity and cost savings, so join us in our fight. So that everyone dealing with a mental health problem gets both Support and Respect you.

Mental Health Charities Near Me
How mental health charities can help companies improve

How mental health charities can help companies improve?

There's a real benefit to corporate organizations working closely with their local charities. I think you know the benefit to the additional benefit that charities can bring to corporate.

Organizations is offering them fundraising opportunities corporate volunteering as well as the help with the workplace well-being. And as well about bringing our learning around what works better within organizations and how to improve people's well-being.

But just the fundraising activity the corporate volunteering activity those activities and themselves promote well-being. So it means that the actual staff from that corporate organization.

That is engaging with the local charity get a real sense of working together achieving something. Doing something good for someone else. And you know we know for more than research that is core to having good Employee Engagement. And good employment or well-being you.

Mental Health Charities Near Me
What are mental health problems?

What are mental health problems?

We're mind the mental health charity, we're here to make sure everybody with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support in the past people thought.

If you had a mental health problem, you would never feel better. You might meet people who still feel this maybe you feel this way about yourself mental health is just like physical health.

Everybody has it and needs to look after it you have good mental health. If you're able to think feel and react in the ways that you need and want you might need support with your mental health.

If you are finding the way, you're thinking feeling or reacting is more difficult. Or even impossible to cope with this might be because of things that are happening in your life right now.

A Traumatic Event may affect your mental health in a big way too even years later. We are all different everybody experiences a huge variety of feelings thoughts and emotions as part of their normal life.

But how and when we have them can be really different depending on who we are some of us can find these harder to cope with this can be because of our upbringing and childhood past experiences or the things happening in our lives right now.

That's why it's important only you someone who knows, you really well or someone who is qualified gets to say. when you need help. If your feelings thoughts and reactions are getting in the way of how you want to live.

If you feel things aren't right, if you feel like you need help you can ask for it. We're not going to pretend, it's easy mental health problems can change your life. And for some they can be overwhelming but that's why mind is here.

We're going to face it with you, we'll listen give support and fight your corner to find out more visit mind org UK.

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